Description:   Produced by far infrared ray, the heat can be conducted to the deep fat layer. The heat in the deep fat layer accelerates the blood and lymphatic circulation, facilitates the product absorption, thus breaking and eliminating fat in a shorter time. The resonance that occurred during this process also helps to break down the obstinate fat, use up the excess energy and excrete waste from sweat. This instrument can be also used for muscle relaxing, pressure relief, skin whiten and regenerate.
The high voltage negative electric field produces a voltage higher than 3000V. The proportion of positive ion to negative ion that produced is about one to three. At the vibration of about 70K HZ, a great amount of negative ion are conducted to the human body to balance the positive and negative electric field, promote metabolism, activate tissue cell, readjust the PH level, improve the immunity against diseases.
This instrument functions well not only in hairdressing field, but also in health care field. In short, owning such a professional and advanced beauty instrument, excellent return will be gained on investment.
  ★ Fat Eliminating and Weight Losing
★ Face Lifting and Slimming, Wrinkle Smoothing, Skin Whitening, Pigmentation Lightening
★ Breasts Firming and Lifting
★ Physical Immunity Improving
★ Physiotherapy for Chronic Disease, Insomnia, Amnesia, Gynecopathy Or Advanced Menopause Problem etc.
Meas.:   106 X 52 X 45 cm = 0.25 M3
87 X 46 X 23.5cm = 0.094M3(accessory)
G.W.:   25 KG
6 KG(accessory)

SPD 美容美體理療儀

  • 品名:   SPD美容美體理療儀  
    原理:   1.遠紅外線產生的熱輻射迅速傳導到皮下深層,促使血液、淋巴組織液循環加快,加速藥物的滲透吸收,在短時間內將人體內脂肪分解燃燒;其與脂肪細胞的同頻共振也促使固態脂肪分解。在汗腺擴張,大量排汗的過程中,將體內的有害電解質、毒素、過剩能量排出體外。同時令肌肉舒展放松、緩解疲勞,肌膚美白嫩滑,紅潤光澤。
    功效:   全身減脂減體重
    尺寸:   (主機)106 X 52 X 45 cm = 0.25 M3
    (配件) 87 X 46 X 23.5cm = 0.094M3  
    重量:   (主機) 25 KG
    (配件) 6 KG

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