Description:   This type machine is designed for the toxin excreting from the inner circulation systems. The human’s inner circulation systems include: blood, lymphatic, fluid and other circulation systems. Tighten the air bags on the abdomen, thighs, calves, then inflate and deflate regularly for 16 seconds as a cycle. The regular inflation and deflation can advance the inner circulations, promote bioprocess and stimulate cells to release toxin and waste, so as to achieve excreting toxin easily and effectively.Stand type (A666S) and table type (A666T) are available. 
Function:   ★ Break Down Obstinate Fat in Abdomen, Thighs and Calves
★ Relief Pressure And Pain, Restore Energy
★ Advance Blood Circulation And Improve Metabolism
★ Improve Lymphatic Circulation System
★ Excrete Toxin, Excess Fat or Water
★ Regenerate The Loosing Skin Tissue And Recover Elasticity
Meas.:   (Stand Type)73.5 X 37.5 X 39 cm = 0.107 M3
(Table Type)48 X 36.5 X 31 cm = 0.054 M3
G.W.:   (Stand Type) 13 KG
(Table Type) 8.5 KG

A666 氣壓淋巴排毒儀

  • 品名:   A666氣壓淋巴排毒儀  
    原理:   氣壓淋巴排毒儀被稱為人體“清道夫”,主要是針對人體的內循環系統而言。內循環包括:血液循環系統、淋巴循環系統及組織液等。該機通過緊綁在顧客腹部、大腿、小腿處的氣囊袋,以一定時間周期的循環式充氣、放氣,促使內循環系統在人體內加速循環,以達到排毒減肥,調節內分泌。  
    功效:   分解、消除頑固脂肪 消除疲勞、舒緩壓力和肌肉疼痛
    促進血液循環 、改善新陳代謝、改善全身淋巴系統
    尺寸:   (立式)73.5 X 37.5 X 39 cm = 0.107 M3
    (台式)48 X 36.5 X 31 cm = 0.054 M3  
    重量:   (立式) 13 KG
    (台式) 8.5 KG

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