Description:   This high-speed vibrant machine is a strong deep tissue massage apparatus that equipped with a solid and light centrifugal vibrator. To amplify deep tissue massage effect, different treatment heads are available for different treating purposes. Different massage effect can be achieved by adjusting the proper vibrant speed and specific treatment heads. This instrument functions effectively in weight losing and body contouring by re-localizing the fatty deposits, muscle and fibrous adhesions tissue. It is also an ideal instrument for body massage and therapy. It is ideal for any clinics, SPA bars, beauty salon, massage therapy centers etc.   
Function:   ★ Soften Fatty Tissue, Breaking Down Excess Fatty Tissue
★ Improve Circulation and Metabolism
★ Reduce Pain, Edema or Swelling
★ Relax, Restore Energy
★ Therapeutic Massage
★ Body Slimming and Contouring
★ Reduce Dimpling and ‘Orange Peel’ Effect of Cellulite  
Meas.:   73.5 X 37.5 X 39 cm = 0.11 M3  
G.W.:   11 KG

88A8 高速振脂機

  • 品名:   88A8高速振脂機  
    原理:   柔性配合裝置和高效傳輸方式,令軟軸轉動暢順,加上堅固而又輕巧的離心振動器配合多個不同用途按摩頭使用,無論進行推脂減肥、舒緩壓力、磨皮清潔或是康復理療等都有明顯的效果。成為當今美容院、醫院、體育館、健身室、SPA生活館、學校和家庭個人進行健身美體、理療康復的首選儀器。  
    功效:   使脂肪松軟,消耗達到減肥效果。全身去角質。
    尺寸:   73.5 X 37.5 X 39 cm = 0.11 M3  
    重量:   11 KG

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