MFM Gf2000 DRS3000 Plus
DRS3000 +
*透明質酸無論在任何的濕度及所有氣候情況下亦能不斷地保持皮膚水份和潤濕。DRS3000Plus 提供最佳的系統安排和修護脫水的皮膚。
*DRS3000 Plus含有豐富的透明質酸成份,讓您的皮膚不致脫水乾枯,出現皺紋及鬆弛,更適合成熟皮膚作為維護與加強皮膚自身結構修護。
透明質酸、多肽類、四胜肽、D-泛醇、維生素A 、C、 E、乳醯胺、天然保濕因子、七葉樹精華、韖花酸、尿囊素、彈性纖維素。

832007 DRS3000+ 30ml

  • 832007
    MFM Gf2000
    DRS3000 Plus
    Contains a volume of 4 million elements of hyaluronic acid, high and pure quality, micro-elements make skin absorbs more easily,
    Peeling and dry skin problems are improved immediately
    Skin becomes more energetic which induce bone protein, collagen and elastic fiber proliferation.
    With super-moisturizing effect, restore skin resilient and spirit
    * Hyaluronic acid can maintain skin moisture in humidity environment and under all climatic conditions DRS3000 Plus provides the best and systematic arrangement for recovery of dehydrated skin.
    DRS3000 Plus contains rich acid composition, so that your skin will not be dehydrated, resulting wrinkles and loose skin, Particular suitable for mature skin, improve and maintain skin self-repair function
    Main Ingredients:
    Hyaluronic acid, peptide, four peptides, D -Panthenol, vitamin A, C, E, milk amide, Natural moisturizing factor, Horse Chestnut Extract, Rou flower Acid, allantoin, elastic fiber.
    After cleansing, pat on the toner, take appropriate DRS3000Plus smear to the entire face and neck massage until completely absorbed.
    And then coated with full - Efficient repair Cream.
    Capacity: 30ml

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