Description:   Gathering the bioelectric and far infrared advantages, this machine functions more effective in weight losing. According to the different treating purposes, we designed the bioelectric wave into 3 types from low frequency to high frequency. The fast warm effect of far infrared ray can advance metabolism, promote the consumption of excess energy and fat. Compared to the other breasts beauty methods, model 556 uses the low electric frequency in breasts treatment to get a more effective and long-lasting result. There are all together 9 out puts, 8 for slimming, 1 for breasts enlarging and firming.    
Function:   ★ Accelerates Fat Breaking And Cellulite Reduction
★ Effective Skin Firming
★ Improve The Circulation System
★ Loosing Muscle Firming And Body Contouring
★ Muscle Stretching And Contracting Ability Improving
★ Facilitate Lymphatic Drainage And Toxin Excreting
★ Pain Relief
★ Breasts Lifting And Firming
Meas.:   106 X 52 X 45 cm = 0.25 M3
G.W.:   34 KG

556 深層燒脂儀

  • 品名:   556深層燒脂儀  
    原理:   由生物電波、紅外線溫熱功能合二為一的“深層燒脂儀”,其最大的特點是將兩大減肥瘦身功能合二為一。先進的復合型變頻電波,在低頻率至高頻率范圍內優化組合成三種不同生物電波,針對不同層次的神經、血管、淋巴管、肌肉組織、脂肪等進行的傳導、滲透和深入運動,令身體各部位都能感受到前所未有的深層振動、壓迫、翻滾的力度;紅外線由外到內的極速熱效應,加速細胞新陳代謝,消耗多余的能量和脂肪。本機的健胸功能利用低頻沖擊波有獨特效果。  
    功效:   刺激脂肪分解、燃燒
    尺寸:   106 X 52 X 45 cm = 0.25 M3  
    重量:   34 KG

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