Description:   This sophisticated hammer, made of special semiconductor material, produces an obvious temperature difference between the two ends. Producing such an obvious temperature difference, this hammer can be used as a cell stimulator to activate the tissue’s potential ability, regenerate the tissue’s organization, improve the tissue’s immunity and help the tissue maintain in a good and healthy state against the outside harmful circumstances. This hammer also functions well in cell regeneration, skin anti-ageing, tissue hematoma and edema reducing, rheumatic arthritis treating. 
Function:   ★ Smooth Wrinkle, Lighten Spot, Whiten Skin
★ Muscle Spasms Relaxing And Pain Relief
★ Capillary Dilatation Treating
★ Cosmetic Allergy Curing
★ Eye Pouch and Black Eye Remove
Meas.:   37 X 27.5 X 18 cm = 0.018 M3
G.W.:   3 KG

220 冷熱細胞活化儀

  • 品名:   220冷熱細胞活化儀  
    原理:   主要通過特殊半導體材料產生的溫差效應,直接作用于人體,使人體細胞通過冷熱刺激,激發組織細胞的潛在機能,提高組織細胞活性,使人體細胞在自身提高免疫力的前提下,在抵抗與適應外界不良環境時達到最佳狀態。可促進細胞分裂,增加新生細胞、延緩衰老,并對消除組織瘀血、水腫,治療風溼、類風溼性關節炎有很好的緩解治療作用,以達到治療、美容、保健的多重效果。  
    功效:   按摩去皺、去斑 、美白
    尺寸:   37 X 27.5 X 18 cm = 0.018 M3  
    重量:   3 KG

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