Description:   This unit is a perfect combination of the micro dermabrasion, cold and warm hammer and ultrasonic. The micro dermabrasion provides a non-surgical skin refinish procedure which can abrade or rub off the skin debris, imperfections, blemishes and any unwanted pigmentation on the skin. It can also activate the skin tissue regeneration and blood circulation, thus giving you a healthy and beautiful skin. The usage of cold and warm hammer accompanied with proper products, helps to replenish natural nutrients, restore the skin activity and make the skin elastic and look as pleasant as silk again   
Function:   Remove Horny Substances
Refinish and Whiten Skin
Lighten Pigmentation
Remove Scar and Concave Skin
Smooth Wrinkle
Activate Skin Tissue Regeneration
Contrast Skin Ageing  
Meas.:   106 X 52 X 45 cm = 0.25 M3  
G.W.:   31 KG

2008 細胞活化嫩膚儀

  • 品名:   2008細胞活化嫩膚儀  
    原理:   該機是微雕嫩膚、冷熱細胞活化儀及超聲波的完美結合。能徹底地將老廢角質在瞬間精准的除掉,加快皮膚組織再生及刺激血液循環,立即還你一張全新質感的膚質,結合適當的護理程序,冷敷及超聲波營養導入,使皮膚變得細致柔軟、清新自然富有彈性光澤。  
    功效:   面部、全身深層去角質
    尺寸:   106 X 52 X 45 cm = 0.25 M3  
    重量:   31 KG

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