Description:   This ultrasonic scrubber utilizes ultrasonic energy transformation technology to transfer electromagnetic wave at a very high speed into machinery vibration, so as to remove dirt in skin pore, remove any dead or ageing skin cells, smooth wrinkles and lighten pigmentation. 
Function:   ★ Cleanse Skin Completely
★ Fade Out Facial Mottle, Lighten Pigmentation
★ Refinish Skin, Leaving Skin Fair, Elastic and Bright
★ Nutrients Conducting
Meas.:   38 X 28 X 26 cm = 0.028 M3
G.W.:   3.5 KG

119 便攜式超聲波鏟皮機

  • 品名:   119便攜式超聲波鏟皮機  
    功效:   無痛、干淨、徹底深層潔膚;
    尺寸:   38 X 28 X 26 cm = 0.028 M3  
    重量:   3.5 KG

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